changing ceremony of the royal guard

Royal Palace chief gatekeeper ceremony

The chief gatekeeper of the royal palace guarding
the history of the capital Seoul!
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01 Paradigm Creation

A long history or a strong nation has a pride in the traditional
uniqueness, and its pride becomes the power of the nation or country.

Each nation has its own unique culture and it is difficult to associate or detach culture from history.
It is difficult to deduce and preliminarily determine the past unfamiliar forms, and tradition is revealed
in changing generation, therefore it is more difficult to recover the culture even in the disconnected history.

The imperial guard demonstrations in Buckingham Palace in Britain, the Tiananmen Square,
the guards demonstrations in front of Jungjeong museum, and the modest chairman in Petrobrug Square
symbolically show the history and pride of the country. In addition, since it can be seen that the city
itself is becoming a training site and a tourism product for the country and history,
the Seoul has been receiving specialists' historical research since 1996 and has been recreating
the ceremony of the royal palace chief gatekeeper at the Deoksugung Palace.
The ceremony has become a brilliant and dignified traditional Korean cultural product
that is comparable to the ritual of the British Royal Guard Ceremony.

02 Royal palace chief gatekeeper ceremony

The fact that the term of ceremony of the royal palace is not recorded
in Gyeongguk daejeon, however it is expressed as the grades
of official ranks and organization.

Based on the data such as the palace, the opening ceremony of the gate, the ritual ceremony,
There was a chief gatekeeper department in charge of the gate of the Joseon Dynasty palace.
The department is composed of six chief gatekeepers who were responsible for opening
and closing the gate and checking the passersby.

03 Character of the royal palace chief gatekeeper

Cultural tourism products that can express Seoul: Character of Seoul royal palace chief gatekeeper

Seoul royal palace chief gatekeeper ceremony and the traditional cultural property representation ceremony is being promoted for attracting domestic and foreign tourists is to make the character of 'Seoul Royal Palace Chief gatekeeper' character in order to develop cultural tourism product that can express Seoul.