Tolling the bosingak bell event

Bosinghak bell-tolling

A thousand-year-old bell with a citizen! Bosinghak bell-tolling
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01 Bosinghak

A thousand-year-old bell with citizen!
Here are some examples of Bonsingak bell-tolling

Boseongingak is also known as the Jonggak, and it was named after the 32nd year of King Gojong(1895).
It was first built in the 4th year of King Taejo (1395) and then burned down four times, rebuilt eight times,
It was built in Seoul in August 1979, and consists of five rooms on the east and west side and
the five rooms on the north and south side.

The second treasure, Boshingak bell was found in the 14th year of King Sejong(1468)
and moved to Namdaemun after the temple was removed. It was relocated to the Myeongrae-dong
near Myeongdong Cathedral in the 30th year of King Sunjo (1597). It was then moved to Bongsingak,
the center of Seoul in the 11th year of Gwanghae Province (1619). It was used to inform the time of day
and the time to open and close the 4 big gates and 4 small gates of the city by ringing thirty-eight times,
three times in the Paru (4:00 am), and Injeong (10:00 pm). However, this bell has been stored
in the National Museum of Korea for a long time due to the end of use.
And now the bell has been restored in 1985 by collecting national donations.